May 16, 2010

Sunroom Inspiration

With all this warmish, sunnyish weather I have been dreaming more and more of a sunroom.  What a wonderful retreat it would be - ahhhh lazy summer days.  So of course I have been stockpiling pictures of beautiful, inspirational rooms.  Can I share them with you?
coastal living

cottage living

Southern Living

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

Coastal Living

I could be very comfortable and relaxed in any of these spaces.  Maybe someday......


Sunrooms Northern Ireland said...

I'd love to have a sun room in a coastal area. So that I can a visual of the infinite beauty of the sea.

Leif Clancy said...

My ideal sunroom is one that has huge windows much like the second photo you’ve posted. Since a sunroom’s purpose is to provide a relaxing shelter while enjoying the outside landscape, having huge windows is a great way to achieve that. Anyway, were you able to install a sunroom in your home?

Leif Clancy

Barrett Elmore said...

Yeah, any of those would be an awesome place to relax! I can’t argue with the designs, as they’re all lovely. As long as the sunroom has the proper ventilation set-up to keep you comfortable all year round, it would be a perfect addition! :) So have you put up one?

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